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Tianjin Rockcheck Xiangtai Investment Holding Co., Ltd

Tianjin Rockcheck Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as Rockcheck Group), is located in the Financial Street, Binhai New Area. It is a large-scale modern enterprise group, giving priority to steel and involving several fields, such as technology and finance, culture and health, resources and development. With over 8,000 employees and total assets exceeding RMB 13,800,000,000, the Group ranked 224th among the top 500 enterprises in China in 2013, 34th among the top 500 private enterprises in China and also, 23rd among the top 500 private manufacturing enterprises in China for the year 2013. In addition, it successively ranked first among the top 100 private enterprises in Tianjin.

In strict accordance with national and local development strategies, Rockcheck operates under the guidance of three investment principles: “Not make any investment in industries that are not in conformation with national policies.”, “Not make any investment in a company without a core team.”, and finally, “Not make any investment in a non-leading company within the industry.”  Rockcheck determined its development strategy by giving priority to steel, strengthening technology and finance and expanding culture and the health industry and putting forward a business model of focusing on industrial entities, combining modern logistic industries and creating an E-business platform which realizes internet finance as the new business type and conducting "quaternity" interactive development. The Group will create a complete industrial chain from the ‘source to the end’,  and realize common wealth, co-existence, mutual benefit and common prosperity in the enterprise ecosystem. At the end of  the "13th Five-year Plan "period, the group plans to form an industrial pattern integrating steel, finance, liquor industry, culture and health and become a multi-industrial, trans-regional, comprehensive and diversified industrial group company.

Rockcheck belongs to all of the employees of Rockcheck, the society and the country. Under the leadership of Board Chairman Zhang Xiangqing and President Zhang Ronghua, Rockcheck actively devotes itself to a social public welfare cause by making contributions to the society, returns to the society and participation in the construction of hope schools, bridges and roads, support handicapped causes in China, subsidize poor college students in Tianjin to fulfill their dreams, makes donations to Western Mother Love Projects and supports sports causes in Tianjin. The Group has accumulatively donated money and materials in excess of RMB 400,000,000. 
With great love in mind, the Rockcheck Group will compose a beautiful movement involving harmonious development of the Chinese economy and society on the road to scientific development.