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Profile of Xiangqingtang

In order to realize the dream of keeping healthy for one hundred years, Mr. Zhang Xiangqing has created Xiangqingtang Co., Ltd. Xiangqingtang Pharmacy, Xiangqingtang Hospital, and the Xiangqingtang Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Clinic. Based on health preservation by using traditional Chinese medicine, Xiangqingtang has created traditional Chinese and western medicine combining diagnosis and treatment methods. After years of research, Mr. Zhang Xiangqing has mastered efficient and practical treatment methods against sub-health, modern difficult miscellaneous diseases, age-related diseases, hematopoietic dysfunction, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, lupus erythematosus and cancers as well as cured the diseases of relatives and friends free of charge. 

Mr. Zhang Xiangqing sticks to the tenant of being thankful for life and paying back to society and the objectives of serving the masses and benefiting the patients. Relying on high-quality medicinal materials and super-high curative effect, Xiangqingtang brings a brand-new healthy life to patients. In Xiangqingtang, patients are convinced that they should firmly believe the unique treatment methods of Mr. Zhang Xiangqing. Many patients who have been given up by the hospitals regain hope in Xiangqingtang. Sticking to the idea of “everyone is equal in front of diseases”, Mr. Zhang Xiangqing adopts methods combining traditional Chinese and western medicine in Xiangqingtang and presents an obvious effect to patients in the shortest amount of time. 

As the leader in the industry, Xiangqingtang adheres to the concepts of good faith, high quality professionalism and presents the idea of health preservation by using traditional Chinese medicine so as to enable the customers to experience the charm of modern traditional Chinese medicine and also sublimate the culture of traditional Chinese medicine.  

In 2014, Xiangqingtang International Management Co., Ltd. was established, and the development of Xiangqingtang entered the fast traffic lane. Xiangqingtang will continuously follow the blessing of Mr. Zhang Xiangqing of “realizing the dream of keeping health for one hundred years”, and write a glorious page in the history of health preservation by using traditional Chinese medicine.