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To enhance the life quality requires the “three-prong” of culture, health, and regimen

With the rapid development of China’s economic constructions, the pace of life continuously accelerates, and the age-related diseases, viral infection diseases, mental illness, etc. have been serious threats to people’s life and health. The culture, health and health preserving industries are close to sustainable development of national economy and social stability and harmony. Acceleration of the culture and health industry development is bound to have a significant and profound impact on the lives of each of us.

Against this background, Rockcheck health related industry platform emerged, which is dedicated to integrating the healthy living, high-end features and social responsibility in allusion to the social status, and further spreading philosophy and goodness, inheriting traditional culture and transferring brand values.

As the saying goes “Health is pre-condition of all work.” The toned body and pure soul are the foundation of our lives and work, and a skyscraper may be constructed only after the solid foundation is tamped. A famous person once said, “There are two kinds of investment worldwide that always win. One is educational investment with ten times profits, and the other is health investment with ten thousand times profits.” Different ideas decide different attitudes toward health. Smart people take the initiative to invest and add value to health; sensible people focus on saving on and maintaining the value of health; while ignorant people disregard, neglect and depreciate health. Thus, if you want to improve the quality of life, it’s required to perform the “three-pronged approach” of culture, health and regimen.

In the aspect of culture, to strengthen cultural learning and training will have a huge positive impact on our mental health. The Chinese nation is armed with rich cultural which may be dated back to thousands of years ago, and be beyond comparison by any country in the world. Four arts and four treasures of study are microcosm Chinese culture. Sun Tzu's Military Strategy, Chinese Confucius and Mencius and other ancient civilizations are admired by the world. And Buddhism and Taoism cultures are important parts of Chinese cultures. The Rockcheck cultural industry may allow us being involved in physical and spiritual mentor programs and Chinese culture and health programs. I believe that, culture learning and training will be of great benefit to my life. It will be helpful in relieving stress, anxiety and fear emotions, relaxing our bodies, reducing muscle tension, enhancing immunity and calming down, thus improving our quality of life, and greatly enhancing the work efficiency.

Regimen is the best way to get a healthy life, and is also important to ensure health. For me, the regimen isn’t equal to a nutritious meal, some health-care products, or a tai chi, but the accumulation bit by bit in the life, such as to develop a healthy eating habits, to do healthy exercises regularly like yoga, SPA, breathing exercise, etc., to achieve harmony between diet and nutrition, balance between work and rest, and harmony between emotions and morality, as well as to do sports. It is aimed to achieve “disease prevention” effects through regimen. The healthy habits can reduce the use of drugs, alleviate chronic pain, and even completely eliminate the chronic disease. This is fully in line with Rockcheck health services sector. Therefore, in order to be truly healthy, we must first learn the regimen and the healthy lifestyles. In addition, the pension industry is also another important aspect under our concerns. In allusion to this, we have made an in-depth investigation into the advanced foreign pension model for the purpose of “feeling secure, worthy and happy in old age."

Health is an insurmountable red line, warning line as well as high-tension line for everyone. Nowadays, the diseases closely related to lifestyles have been major problems that pose a threat to people. Although people’s living conditions are getting better, the health is getting worse. On the one hand, time and opportunities for physical exercise has been greatly reduced due to lift taking, driving and the use of various household appliances; on the other hand, foods are abundant today, and people cannot reasonably control their diets, which resulting in their nutrition excess. Thus, it is imperative that we shall pay serious attention to health. The term health industry is no longer strange to us. In order to get rid of the diseases and keep fit, we shall value it in mind, and regularly go for physical examinations – and indispensable link – to strangle the disease on the early stage; secondly, once feeing unwell, one must seize the time for medical treatment, so as not to delay treatment. In order to maintain citizen’s health, it is essential to develop the healthy industry. Rockcheck, based on Chinese medicine, is equipped with comprehensive platform integrated with medical consultation, treatment and services, as well as health examination center. I believe that the development of the health industry not only has a profound impact on me, but also brings blessedness to all people giving that it can eliminate the pains on people suffering from diseases and improve quality of life, and it contributes to family harmony and can improve work efficiency.

Thus, the development of culture, health, regimen industry is imperative and is indispensable for all our lives. It functions on “disease prevention”, “disease diagnosis”, “medical treatment”, “recuperation” and to allow me to work and live in a more concentrative and efficient way. Therefore, the “three-pronged approach” of culture, health and regimen is required in order to improve the quality of life.