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Technology and Finance

Technology and finance industry of Rockcheck Group conducted innovative development, determined quaternity development mode, i.e., focusing on industrial entities, combining modern logistics industry, creating an E-business platform, realizing internet finance, promoted industrial financial development, integration of financial institutions and integration of industry and financial institution and finally realized“republicanism”, “co-exitance”, “win-win” and “common prosperity”.

Reapal Payment

Tianjin Reapal Payment Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Reapal) is the third-party payment enterprise that has first obtained cell phone payment license and internet payment license in Tianjin. Relying on strong technological capability and channel operation level, it has become an important payment and transaction platform. Launched on January 12, 2013, Reapal realized transaction amount as much as 10,000,000,000 the same year.

Innovation is inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development. Reapal makes endeavors to initiate pilot cross-border electronic payment, erect a transaction platform for bulk commodities in 2014 and develop and launch Rongbaotong, a new project, so as to effectively resolve industrial problems, such as real-time interbank settlement and supervision of large-amount of capital and escort development of E-business and exchanges of Tianjin. Meanwhile, Reapal plans to launch Rongqitong, a new project, so as to resolve payment cost for interconnection between enterprises and banks, reduce financial expenses and improve settlement efficiency. Meanwhile, Reapal make endeavors to have customers as many as 700 and create a payment and transaction platform with transaction amount reaching RMB 100,000,000,000 in 2014.

In sportscompetitionseason from 2013 to 2014, Tianjin Rockcheck Steel Men’s Basketball Team Sponsored by Reapal participated in the new season of CBA. In the season from 2013 to 2014, Rockcheck Steel Men’s Basketball Team wore the shirt of Reapal, obtained 24 victories and 14 defeats, ranked the 6th in the regular season. It entered into post season for the first time and created a new historical record of Tianjin basketball.

Ronglian Financial

Relying on industrial entities, E-business platform and Reapal payment platform and through such financial service business as factoring, guarantee, small loan and financing release, Ronglian Financial Group provide small and medium enterprise with abundant offline and online financing service. On August 7, 2013, it obtained factoring business license. The first factoring business was officially signed on December 24 and business license of Financing Lease Company was obtained on November 21.

Integrating “quaternity” interactive development, focusing on upper stream and downstream of core enterprises and actual transaction background of buyers and sellers of industrial E-business and making use of transaction advantages of the internet, i.e., low cost and non-restriction by time and space, Ronglian launched trans-regional business in Binhai, Tianjin and contributed tax revenues and profits to Tianjin. By taking advantage of internet based big data accumulation, analysis and application, Ronglian has created a closed loop of ecological chain of industrial Ali and cyclic development mode, avoided risks, conducted various financial service in a conforming and efficient manner and furthered transformation and upgrading of real industry.

In 2014, financing and guarantee company, small loan company and financial service Company will be established, laying a foundation for realization of industrial finance and “quaternity” development. Carrying out the operation mode integrating financial institutions and integrating industry and financial institutions, they can serve broad small, medium and micro enterprises at the high efficiency and low cost on the precondition of strict control over risk.

Rongtong Material Trading

Bulk E-business Platform of Rongtong Material Trading (hereinafter referred to as Rongtong Material Trading) is an industrial E-business platform fully created by Rockcheck Group. At the same time of providing transaction of industrial products, it also provides small and medium enterprises with online financing service. It only took 130 days from application to trial online operation. Officially launched on November 25, 2013, it accumulated 80 customers an realized transaction volume RMB 123,000,000 within 26 days. In October 2013, Rongtong Material Trading E-business Platform was approved as a pilot project of “E-business Integration and Innovation” by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in October 2013, ranking 11 among E-business platforms of China engaged in production material circulation service.

Rongtong Material Trading E-business Platform will make endeavors to exceed transaction volume as much as RMB 10,000,000,000, realize online transaction volume of coal, coke and steel as many as 3,000,000 tons in 2014 and have registered enterprise members as many as 500. In addition to emphasized development of online steel and coal business, it will greatly expand international online business of ores and mineral powder, accelerate online circulation of bulk production materials in Tianjin and Bohai Ring Area, facilitate online transaction of bulk commodities of Tianjin, further cooperation between banks and E-business platform, deeply develop core value of integrating capital flow, information flow and logistics of E-business platform and erect a financing platform for upper stream and down stream of industrial enterprises in 2014. It will launch online financing business in June 2014. At the end of 2014, it will fully initiate and establish North Spare Part Mall so as to provide a broader cooperation and enterprise exhibition platform for spare part management and supplier development of industrial enterprises.

United Metallurgical Product Exchange Center

Tianjin United Metallurgical Product Exchange Center (United Metallurgical) will be launched in April 2014 and planned online transaction volume will reach as many as 9,460,000 tons in 2014 and transaction amount will exceed RMB 30,000,000,000. United Metallurgical will make endeavors to exceed transaction amount as much as RMB 300,000,000,000 within two years and become the most authoritative and the newest third party comprehensive spot transaction platform integrating transaction, delivery, warehouse logistics and financial service in Bohai Ring Area in three to four years.

The center and other sectors of United Commodity Exchange will jointly create an innovative mode in the service of electronic transaction of bulk commodities, connect spot transaction market with futures trading market, integrate production scheduling, transaction, purchase, production plan and bidding for buy and sales of industrial entities with E-business model, discuss about alliance between giants and create a metallurgical product transaction center in Bohai Ring Area.


Established in October 2010, Tianjin Rockchat Hi-tech Co., Ltd. is the first company established after strategic transformation of Rockcheck Group as well as the first Sino-foreign joint venture of Tianjin China. Recent years, Rockchat follows the concept of “uniting all people’s wisdom to achieve the extraordinary”, attracts technological talent at home and abroad, provides service for integration of industrialization and informationization of the group, actively undertakes business, exercises a group of technological talent with capability and familiar with technology, and provide a powerful support to diversified development of the group.

In accordance with quaternity development mode of the group, Rockchat will provide operation support and technological implementation guarantee for “quaternity” development strategy. In 2014, Rockchat will focus on 1 platform, 3 centers, 4 products (i.e., technology and finance service platform; operation and maintenance center, development center and data center; enterprise credit, payment, secured purchase and financial service) and provide technological and service support to integration of industrialization and informationization of technological and financial industry.