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Culture and heath

Expansion of culture and health industry is part of strategic transformation of Rockcheck Group. Through integration of various high-end natural resources, Rockcheck will provide people with a health maintenance,vacation and leisure place where physical body, mind and spirit can be highly united, make endeavors to become a constructor of the most beautiful countryside and a preparer of Chinese health industry standard and fulfill the human’s dream of longevity.

Digital City Company is committed to constructing a commercial real estate mode characterized by technology, culture and health maintenance and creating a health real estate brand of Rockcheck.

Taiyue International: exclusive brand of health, longevity preservation and cultural industry

Established by Rockcheck Group in 2013, Taiyue International Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Taiyue International”) undertakes culture and health industry of Rockcheck, provides professional management and professional consultancy service and create an exclusive brand of health, longevity preservation and culture industry. Taiyue International is committed to integrating healthy life, high-end features and social responsibility, realizing physical, mental and spiritual unification and spreading philological goodwills, carrying forward traditional culture, transmitting brand value on the platform of comprehensive concept of longevity preservation and realizing maximization of social benefit through interaction with the society. At present, Taiyue International has actively conducted surveys and investigations in Wuning of Jiangxi, Xishuangbanna of Yunnan and Tailai of Heilongjiang so as to further the implementation of the project.

In 2013, Tianjin Times Memory Museum established by Times Memory Cultural Development Co., Ltd. affiliated to Taiyue International was completed within 50 days, which created a miracle of Rockcheck. With an area of 5,400 square meters, such museum governs 8 open exhibition halls and 3 independent exhibition halls. Number of displayed exhibits is over 6,000 pieces, including over 200 precious old pictures. Many of exhibits and elements were displayed for the first time.

The most precious exhibit is 5,000 m Long March Map known as “the first painting traveling to the space”. The origin of the map is a 32 m long magnificent scroll painting that was elaborately designed and created by 18 renowned Chinese contemporary calligraphers and painters. With a length of 32 meters it once traveled to space on Shenzhou VI spacecraft. It was donated to the National Museum in 2006 by Rockcheck Group after purchasing it at the auction price of RMB 66,000,000.

Times Memory Museum used hi-tech video technology to create a display tunnel, which displays splendid history from Party foundation in 1921 to foundation of China in 1949. Such digital time tunnel is a 14 m wide and 75 m long and made of 18 pieces of LED screens. Walking along the tunnel, you will be filled with deep esteem. Exhibits in exhibition halls on both sides of the tunnel are abundant, including wax status of Mao Zedong, specially created by Er Baorui, a world-class international artist,calligraphy display of Chairman Mao’s Poems by Jin Long, a famous calligrapher, and over 200 precious old pictures and many of them were displayed for the first time.

In response to the call of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Times Memory Museum made the first step toward transformation and upgrading of culture and health industry, which constituted an important sign of strategic transformation of Rockcheck Group. As the first project of culture and health industry of Rockcheck, Times Memory Museum is committed to seeking for times memory, carrying forward spirit of times and becoming a patriotismeducationbase for developing positive spirits in Tianjin and even the whole country.

Digital City: a local brand of technology, culture, health and real estate

Invested and established by Rockcheck Group, Digital City Investment and Development Co., Ltd. is the first professional company engaged in development and construction of themed parks. Rongyu Qicheng Sci-tech Park, the first project, was dually inspected by municipal government of municipal committee and district government of district committee of Jinnan. In addition, such project was highly recognized by Zhang Gaoli, Secretary of Municipal Committee and ranked first among safe and civilized demonstration sites. As a demonstration key of Jinnan District, it was recognized by leaders of other districts and counties. Rongcheng Company, as a beautiful transformation sign of the group, has obtained many honorable titles within three years, which proves that Rockcheck not only can make high-quality steel, but also can make brilliant success in the road of transformation and upgrading.