Culture of Rockcheck

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Corporate Culture

Our vision

Create a centenary green Rockcheck
Our mission

Continuously create value for the society and customers with will of steel
Corporate Spirit

Ceaseless self-improveent,ceaseless struggle and undefeated spirit.
Standard of Rockcheck Employees-"Five-Heart Spirit"

Responsible heart,grateful heart,motivative heart,tolerant heart and respectful heart
Core values

Responsibility,dedication,aggressiveness,gratitude and credibility
Outlook on enterprisedevelopment-"five principles"
Core of sustainable development:improve profitability
Driving force for sustainable development:maintain innovation capability and technological advancement
Standard for sustainable development:perform social responsibility
Essence of optimizing internal governance of the enterprise:improve efficiency
Measures of preventing business risks:accept external supervision and conduct internal auditing and internal control
2-2-6 policies,i.e.,two establishments,two advancements and six points
Two establishments:establishment of enterprise culture with characteristics of Rockcheck,establishment of complete performance-based compensation and benefit management system;two advancements: advancement of process reconstruction and advancement of overall budget management;six points:reduction of cost,improvement of quality,acceleration of research and development,prevention of environment,supervision of projects,and establishment of healthy atmosphere
Operation concept

Produce value,be innovative,aggressive and responsible,build business with integrity.
Management concept

People orientation,pursuit for lean management and realization of outstanding operation
Brand concept

Construction of a fine commodity base and creation of a national brand
Outlook on product development

High quality,fast yield,high technology,low cost,low consumption and function maintenance