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Human Resource Strategy:


The Rockcheck Group (Tianjin Rockcheck Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.), is a large-scale group of companies specializing in steel and other fields such as technology & finance, culture and health and resource development. 

Over the last 20 years, (1994 to present), the Rockcheck group has developed from a steel-oriented group to one that is now involved in multiple industries and is now a multi-industry comprehensive group of companies. With total assets exceeding 13,800,000,000 RMB and over 8000 employees, the Rockcheck group now ranks 224th among the top 500 corporations in China.  In addition, the group has successively ranked in the top 100 private enterprises in Tianjin.

The Rockcheck group understands that the employees working for the group are its most valuable asset.  A platform is being established for the long-term development of the employees and the creation of a broad occupational space, which in turn, will make the employees proud to be ‘Rockcheckers.’ As well, all employees are offered competitive compensation and benefits which in turn, will attract and retain top talent, which we then, can turn into business leaders in the future.  

Rockcheck employs an internal promotional system, which has had a significant impact on the corporate culture within the group.  This system is a core belief in the structure of all of the divisions within the company and allows all of the employees to feel a sense of pride an ownership that manifests itself into the Rockcheck group having a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The clients of Rockcheck will find a group whose values are based on quality and integrity and employees who will be proud to cooperate with all those doing business with the Rockcheck group of companies.

A sense of social responsibility within Rockcheck will help us create a sense of harmony and a healthy working environment for all of the employees, the group of companies and society as a whole.

The Rockcheck group respects talent and encourages innovation among its ranks.  The company place an emphasis on talent management and trains potential leaders who adopt the corporate philosophies and values.