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Training and Development:

Training and Development:

“The training of our employees and capacity enhancement is our first priority.  We should advance talent and establish a professional management team.” -  Zhang Xiangqing, Group Chairman

The Rockcheck group believes in the creation of a ‘learning organization.’ In order to accomplish this directive, the group focuses on systematic employee training and has created a system, which focuses on the employee’s career development needs as well as the strategic needs of the organization. Both domestic training solutions as well as overseas investigation and training strategies achieve this goal. In addition, Rockcheck focuses on mutual development with clients and suppliers, thus constantly improving the comprehensive competitiveness of the group as a whole.

The Rockcheck group established the ‘Rockcheck Institute’, as a long-term development goal to cultivate professional talents and stimulate creativity among its management teams.  This corporate university is dedicated to the integration of the group’s internal and external resources and creates a valuable sense of the corporate culture with the Rockcheck group of companies. 

Encl.: Rockcheck Institute Profile

The Rockcheck Institute is located close to the Education Park of College Town and covers an area of 1000,000 m2 in space.  The campus environment is elegant and the facilities and equipment is first rate.

The campus has 108 classrooms and can accommodate 5000 students in apartments on the site in addition to dormitories, amphitheaters, a large track and a swimming pool.  The style is European and the surrounding landscape is lush and beautiful with ponds and Suzhou gardens.  There is a traditional stone arch bridge and beautiful views of the scenery of Jingu and the Tianjin harbour. 
The lecturers of the Rockcheck Institute include senior executives, managers, and even the group’s President, Mrs. Zhang Ronghua who emphasizes that a good executive should ‘cultivate talent’, within the group of companies as a top priority.  Mrs. Zhang Ronghua serves as the chief internal trainer at the Rockcheck Institute. 

A series of training courses in business management offered by Rockcheck Institute in collaboration with a team from Peking University has been initiated and to date, 47 courses have commenced relating to strategic organizational management, team building, team innovation management, decision making and execution etc. A total of 5469 staff to date, have participated in the training and the total training time so far, exceeds 40,000 hours.

The Rockcheck Institute has teamed up with theTsinghua University, Tianjin University, Hebei United University, Liaoning University of Science and Technology in order to carry out special research projects and to offer academic upgrading training, as well as job skills training programs, in collaboration with the government.

To date, the Rockcheck Institute has helped nearly 750 people complete post training to obtain corresponding certificates in lifting, pressure vessel, forklift, and electricity and welding operating. Over 6000 trainees have enrolled in the programs offered since its inception in 2008.