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Group Strategy

The Rockcheck group is a large-scale modern enterprise group consisting of divisions operating in the following industries:

·Technology & Finance


·Culture & Health

·Resource development and utilization

·Modern logistics

The Rockcheck Group has formulated its own five-year development plan for the future, which concentrates on its main business in the steel industry but also encompassing the technology and finance industry as well as plans for expansion into the culture and health care industry. 

The steel division of the Rockcheck group will see product and management upgrades as well as the continual optimization and improvements in order to increase the added value of goods while at the same time, creating a more ‘environmentally friendly’ GDP.  At the same time, the group will look to promote within the ranks of the Rockcheck group and increase employee knowledge and skill set in order to enhance the core competitiveness of the various enterprises.

Finally, all divisions within the Rockcheck group will seek to expand their existing markets and services within the Beijing-Tainjin-Hebei Region thus enabling the various divisions to see a broader development space.

In the technology and finance division, Rockcheck has put forward a framework to build an e-commerce platform coupled with modern logistics in order to realize their Internet finance’s ‘four-in one’ development model.  The development of an industrial finance model coupled with the integration of the industry will act to the supporting of and contributing to upgrading of the main business. In turn, the real economy will act to support the development of the Internet finance model and in return, this model with contribute to the upgrading of the main business. The end result will be the formation of a ‘common wealth, co-existence which will create a mutual benefit and prosperity among Rockcheck partners, markets and society in general. 

Rockchat Hi-tech Co., Ltd. owned by the Group has established a strategically cooperative relationship with Zhengzhou University to build a technology service company and become a solution provider and operator for the enterprise information platform.

Reapal Payment Company is the first company in Tianjin that was granted a dual license to work with both cell phone and Internet payments within the region.  Reapal is dedicated to becoming a world leader specializing in the third-party payment industry and providing the bulk of best business practices.

IN 2013, Reapal realized a turnover in excess of ten billion RMB and will become a significant credit rating agency in the enterprise level, credit industry and will provide information and cash flow management support for the group’s diversified industries.

Ronglian Financial Holding group will rely on the industrialized economy, e-commerce platforms as well as the Reapal payment platform, providing extensive online and offline financing services for SMEs by factoring, guaranteeing, the issuing of small loans, financial leasing etc. By doing so, it is assured of becoming a comprehensive financial holding group with nationwide exposure.

Rongtong Materials E-commerce Co., Ltd., will provide professional and transaction services to create an ‘industrial e-commerce’ integrated service which will serve as a ‘wind vane’, to the industry circle.  To date, the platform trading volume has exceeded hundreds of billions of yuan and aims to exceed thousands of billions of yuan by the end of the ‘13th period year.’

Taiyue International, which is owned by the Rockcheck group, is committed to the integration of a healthy life, high-end features and social responsibility.  Its goal is to expand the culture and health industry by providing holiday resorts, which will cater to the unity of the body and soul while at the same time, integrating it with high quality natural resources.  By doing so, the group will realize an increased brand awareness and maximize the interactions between the enterprises and society as a whole.

The Rockcheck group’s liquor business started in 2013, and has signed cooperation project to establish a healthy liquor industry with bases in Tailai and Hejiang. A liquor test site has now been put into use and a collaboration with the China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation has been initiated t0 research and develop a Rockcheck liquor which will be introduced into the marketplace by the end of the year.  

Finally, the Rockcheck group’s Digital City Company is focusing on a healthy real estate brand for the group of companies and currently has forests in Russia with timber reserves exceeding 6,000,000 cubic meters with 130,000 cubic meters available for cutting on an annual basis. 

June 14th, 2013 saw the company importing processed panels from Russia, which signifies the group entering into a new development stage and achievement of its investment project in Russia.