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Rongtong Material Trade (Tianjin) E-business Co., Ltd.

Rongtong Material Trade (Tianjin) E-business Co., Ltd., was incorporated in July 2013. The Rongtong Material Trade Bulk Commodity E-business Platform developed by the company, started operation on line in October 2013 and online trade the following month. This was accomplished intense preparation encompassing a 4-month timeframe. 

Taking the goal of creating an industrial E-business comprehensive service platform, Rongtong Material Trade E-business Platform is pushing for the online circulation of bulk production materials in Bohai Rim so as to realize the organic unity of fund and information flow and logistics to offer a financing platform for upstream and downstream industrial enterprises.

Rongtong Material Trade E-business Platform’s business scope covers steel and iron, coal and coke, ore and ore powder, machinery and machines, spare parts and others. By trading services, logistic materials, financing services and information services on an E-business platform, a complete E-business comprehensive service platform meeting the high demands of industrial enterprises in the industrial chain, was established. 

The main systems and features of Rongtong Material Trade E-business Platform include: a bulk commodity exchange system, an online tender system, a spare part procurement system, a settlement system and an information system.

The Rontong Material Trade E-business platform has rich information content, convenient transaction systems, independent third party settlement systems and complete internet safety systems all in place.  On October, 2013, Rongtong Material Trade E-business Platform was selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Industry as one of the E-business Integration Innovation Pilot Projects and also one of 11 production material circulation service e-business platforms in China. 

With the intention of creating “harmony, teamwork, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation”, Rongtong Material Trade E-business Platform services its customers in upstream and downstream industrial chains. It provides a safe and efficient platform for customers’ exploitation into new sale channels, reducing marketing costs, the obtainment of rich industrial information and sharing comprehensive financing services. Through meeting demand in the industrial sector and providing professional information and transaction services, it will achieve its corporate philosophy: integrating to reach every corner of the world. 

Guided by the “12th five –year plan”, “five principles” and “226 strategy” of the group company, Rongtong Material Trade E-business Platform will keep innovating and developing and make efforts to build up the “Industrial E-business” brand to contribute to the group’s “four-in-one” strategy and facilitate the group’s transformation and upgrade.