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Rockcheck Finance

Rockcheck Finance, which started in the industry finance market, is now devoted to the Internet finance market. Through factoring, guarantees, small-sum loans, financial leases and other financial services, it provides middle and small enterprises with financing services. By accumulation, analysis and application of big data on the Internet, the company is building up its “”, in industrial areas and developing Internet banking to facilitate the transformation and upgrade of real industry. On August 7, 2013 the company obtained a factoring business license and its first factoring business contract has been entered into on December 24th of this year. On November 21st, the financial lease company received the necessary license.  

With this “four-in-one” linked development and in consideration of the real trade background of upstream and downstream industrial enterprises and E-business buyers and sellers in the industry, the company is moving forward by leaps and bounds. By taking advantages of the lo-cost of the Internet, free of limitation of space and time, the company conducts its inter-city business in Binhai Area, Tianjin to create profits and tax incomes for local people. By accumulation, analysis and application of big data on Internet, it is building up a closed ecological chain and circulation development mode for this giant industrial E-business platform. Based on reasonably avoiding risks, the company is conducting a variety of financial businesses compliantly and efficiently to accelerate the transformation and the upgrade of real industry. 

In 2014, a financing guarantee company, a small-sum loan company and a financial service company were incorporated successively to lay a foundation for the “four-in-one”, development of industrial finance. In the operation mode of the combination between financial institutions, industry and financial institutions and on the premise of strictly controlling risk, they provides all small, medium and micro-sized enterprises with efficient service at a low cost.