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Rongzhida Company

Taking “Enterprise WeChat + Payment” as a breakpoint, Rongzhida Company horizontally triggers demand of value addition, drives development of easy shopping platforms and made an effort in the construction of a development center, O&M center and a data center to provide O & M support and technical guarantee for “four-in-one” strategy. 

Rongzhida Company was founded in 2010 with total registered capital of RMB 42.30 million and a 2,000- m2 R & D space as a key project –based enterprise appointed by the Tianjin Science & Technology Commission. Rongxin, a technological financial service platform developed by the company is to break the supply chain inside and downstream the enterprise and information islands in the industrial chain to realized safe, private and efficient information interaction in real-time communications, mobile cooperative work, trades and fund flow as well as integrated credit transfer. The main business includes four innovative service sectors: enterprise WeChat, mobile payment, E-business platform and Internet finance.