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RockCheck Group Holds National Flag Raising Ceremony to Celebrate the Birthday of the New China

At the time of the 66th birthday of the great country, RockCheck Group held a National Flag Raising Ceremony at the square in the front of Tianjin RockCheck to present the sincerest blessing to our dear mother, the great China. 

In the grand and loud national song, the bright national flag was raising and waving in the wind. All employees of RockCheck there were watching the national flag and singing the national song with passionate melody. They were wishing the great country prosperity, growth, richness and peace. 

Under the solemn national flag, on behalf of the board of the group, Chair Zhang Ronghua wishes everyone of RockCheck and his/her family happiness and health. She pointed out, “In the past three quarters, in the harsh market, RochCheck made satisfying achievements with huge efforts. Such spirit is commendable, giving me a great power and confidence. To enter into World Top 500 in the 13th Five-year Plan Period, the group company is making the upper design in order. The fourth quarter is especially important for us. So, all of members of RockCheck shall win the decisive battle of this quarter with firm confidence to lay a firm foundation for the works in the 13th Five-year Plan Period.” Chair Shuman, CPC Committee Secretary of the group also said on the ceremony, in the past, with the spirit of “Keep Fighting and Never Give Up”, all members of RockCheck were struggling in the furious market competition. In many industries, the employees were laid off, but remarkable achievements were made in RockCheck. In the future our team will work together to make further achievements and contribute to our country. All members of RockCheck should keep the words of Chair Ronghua in mind. Under the lead of the board of the group, in the harsh market environment, we will keep fighting for bigger progress!