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To Focus Superstructure, Grasp Planning and Strengthen Implementation- RockCheck Group Holds 2015 Q3 Work Conclusion & Q4 Work Deployment Meeting

To comprehensively conclude the main works of all sectors of the group company in Q3 and deploy the priorities of the Q4 while directing the superstructure design and strategic planning of the group in the 13th Five-year Planning period, in the morning of the 10th day of October, RockCheck Group’s 2015 Q3 Work Conclusion & Q4 Work Deployment Meeting was held on the great hall in the factory area of Tianjin RockCheck. The meeting was chaired by CPC Committee Secretary of the Group Chai Shuman and Chair Zhang Ronghua delivered a speech at the meeting. 

Chair Zhang Ronghua made conclusion on the works of each sector of the group company in the Q3. She pointed out, in this quarter, the steel and iron sector has realized stable growth with stably enhanced per capita productivity, remarkable effect of cost control and greatly improved fundamental management; the diverse industries were stably growing: Reapal Payment won the bid for the construction of GAC electronic duty payment; Ronglin Maoyuan Company was positively exploring into new profitable space and expanding the sale channels; the Museum of Time Memories received over 20,000 visitors and won the title of “National Iron and Steel Industry Patriotic Education Base” from China Iron and Steel Association;The Youth Team of Tianjin Men’s Basketball Club won 2015 National Youth Championships, contributing to the great image of Tianjin and RockCheck; the functional departments and offices in the group were positively cutting the cost, finding the fund sources and improving the efficiency; after the occurrence of August 12th  accident, over 200 volunteers from RockCheck positively took part in rescue and relief works to materialize the thought of the late Chairman Xiangqing “Repay Society and Pass on Love” with actions.

Considering the overall work deployment of each sector in the Q4, Chair Zhang Ronghua pointed out, in the new situation, all members of RockCheck should follow the trend and insist on their own principle; was should positively respond to the changes and implement “Five Principles and 226 Guidelines”; we should focus on the objective “1236” and take the main lines of reducing cost and increasing efficiency, incomes and profit; we should pay attention to superstructure design, strengthen the cognition on strategic planning an enhance the budget management; we should study on the HR strategic planning and performance mode in depth; facing complicated and changing market, we should improve the response speed and win by efficiency; they should use fund, assets and resources reasonably and keep enhancing efficiency of operation; we should enhance teamwork, make innovation of mechanism and system, optimize organizational structure and incentive mechanism and establish an outstanding team. She stressed that, the Q4 is the end of the 12th Five-year Plan Period immediately before the new journey. All members of RockCheck should see that the task of reform, breakthrough, transformation and development is still tough, so all companies and functional departments should follow the deployment the group and positively seek for stability, progress, innovation and breakthrough to finish this great period successfully and lay a firm foundation for the start of the 13th Five-year Period Plan in strategic deployment, resource centralization.

During the meeting, there are over 400 attendees in total including the officials of the group’s departments, offices and subsidies at the level of Vice Director or above, the retired employees who started work before the founding of the new China, the representatives of departments and offices of the group, the heads of work sections of Tianjin RockCheck, heads of shifts and teams of departments and offices of the group and Tianjin RockCheck, outstanding employees and graduates and employees from key positions.