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Keynote Speech from the President

From the commencement of the entrepreneurship in 1994 to overall transformation and upgrading in 2014, Rockcheck has undergone 20 years worth of development. During the last 20 years, with the establishment and improvement of the socialist market economy system, Rockcheck has become a large-scale modern enterprise group with diversified industries from a small metallurgic plant which was started in Tangshan. I am grateful to the 8,000 employees of Rockcheck and this great opportunity for rapid development within the last 20 years. 

In 2013, the steel industry was continuously depressed and the real economy developed through the difficulty and pain of economic transformations still remained but nothing could stop our approach to the development of new, great times. The successful completion of the 3rd Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee aroused a new round of opening and reform. Rockcheck Group is striving to move forward by taking advantage of a new round of transformation and upgrading. 

In accordance with the development strategy of giving priority to steel, strengthening technology and finance and expanding culture and health, the Group put forward a business model of which focused on industrial entities, combining modern logistics industries, creating an E-business platform, while realizing that internet finance was a new business model and conducting interactive development of the four, above parts.  Under the guidance of such strategies, the technology and financial sectors have made successes one after another in 2013. Reapal Payment Company was established in 2013 and the transaction amounts have exceeded RMB 10,000,000,000 the same year.  The Rongtong Materials Trading Platform was launched in 2013, which accelerated the integration of industrialization and the information of the group. Ronglian Finance was established in 2013 and signed its first deal the same year. In 2013, the culture and health sector began to take shape and the Times Memory Museum was completed within 56 days. This symbolized the Group's entry into the culture and health industry. In addition, with the commencement of the construction of the liquor company base in Yunnan and contracts with Tailai and Hejiang, the liquor sector of Rockcheck has begun to take shape. With the successful import of forestry plates, the Group has now entered a return on the investment in Russia. 

The society has made progress in innovation and the enterprises that develop into innovation. 

2014 is a new starting point, a new journey and a new development time period to Rockcheck. 

In 2014, we sincerely expect to cooperate with you and jointly fulfill your dreams, our dreams, Rockcheck's dreams and the dream of rejuvenating China. 

We wish you much success in 2014.