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Tianjin Reapal Network Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Reapal Network Co., Ltd., (formerly Tianjin Rockcheck Network Technology Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “Reapal”), was founded on February 28, 2011 as a holding subsidiary of Tianjin Rockcheck. Xiangtai Investment Holding Co., Ltd., with total registered capital of RMB 300 M. It has since founded Reapal Payment and has been positively expanding its business with outstanding achievements. On June 27, 2012, Reapal Payment received its “Payment Business License”, issued by the People’s Bank of China, which encompasses business items including Internet and mobile payments in the territory of the PRC. On February 3, 2015, Reapal Payment obtained the qualification of the securities investment fund sale payment settlement institution approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission to provide a third party fund payment settlement business, for fund companies, distributors and investors. Since then, Realpal Payment has extended its business to the online fund sale payment settlement field. So far, the company is the first, third party Payment Company with fund sale payment settlement qualification in the Tianjin area. 

Today, Reapal Payment has its own third party payment brand with independent intellectual property –Reapal. Now, the company has established partnerships with a number of domestic and overseas banks and has primarily formed a cross-bank and inter-city financial payment platform. Reapal focuses on providing integrated special e-payment products like Internet and mobile payments for consumers and devotes itself to offering quality, efficient, safe and standardized customized payment services to enhance convenient payments and to promote the efficient capital flow of enterprises. 

In comparison with some other payment companies like Alipay and Quick Payment, Reapal stresses convenient, reliable and safe real-time clearance and settlement services for B2B e-business markets and capital trusteeship for the third party transaction market. According to features of each link of the industrial chain, Reapal creates an easy and practical passage for businesses such as fund planning, investment and financing.  The company has a powerful clearance and settlement tool to speed up the capital turnover and capital utilization efficiency of enterprises and the capital trusteeship of the entire supply chain. 

So far, Reapal Payment has established strategic partnerships with over ten institutions including Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd., China Steel Equipment Co., Ltd., Tianjin E-Governmental Affair Information & Network Center, Tianjin Material Production E-business Co., Ltd., China UniPay Tianjin Company and Gold Vest Art Collection. As a leading third party payment service provider, Reapal strictly obeys the regulatory requirements of the central bank on the business of non-financial payment companies. It has passed Verisign certification and all special test items at the highest of levels.

As to merchant access, according to provisions of the People’s Bank of China, Reapal strictly audits the identification and qualification documents of merchants to ensure merchants of low risk and high qualifications in order to ensure the safe transactions of consumers. 

Today, the payment industry is going through a course starting with  calmness migrating to a level of craziness and then back to calm. There is a shift from sensibility to rationality. With the development of new technologies like mobile payment, further segmentation of market space and the enhancement of service professionalism, Reapal is looking forward to a better tomorrow with its own resources and advantages.