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Tianjin Rockcheck Steel Group Co., Ltd

Tianjin Rockcheck Steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Rockcheck), possesses the ability to annually produce 5,000,000 tons of iron, steel and bar. It has formed the production lines dominated by alloy steel bar, fine high speed wire rod and hot-rolled strip steel, thus positioning itself to have significant brand influence and leading market share in Tianjin and the Bohai Sea Surrounding Area. At present, the company already possesses the perfect production specification systems, including high-quality carbon structural steel wire rods, pre-tested steel wire and steel strand rod coil, welding rod and wire rod coil, hot rolled rod for pre-stressed steel bar, cold heading steel rod coil, tire cord steel rod coil, petroleum casing pipe steel, high-pressure tube billet steel, alloy structural steel, bearing steel, gear steel and so on. By doing this, the company has realized incredible diversification and a high-end of varieties of products. 

Tianjin Rockcheck has set a goal to construct the most competitive iron and steel enterprise while adhering to a scientific development outlook, which takes the road to new industrialization and strives to construct the most resource saving and environment friendly enterprise to date. The group adheres to market orientations, while giving full play to the advantages of talent, equipment and technology. The company continuously adjusts and upgrades the product structure while speeding up the industrial structural transformation and upgrading and improving the enterprise competitiveness and profitability. Obviously, this quickens the pace of closing down outdated production facilities and technological equipment while aggressively promoting the technical research and development and independent innovation. The company will bring in internationally advanced technological equipment while at the same time, research, develop and produce the high-tech and high value-added products in order to connect with the domestic high-end equipment manufacturing industries worldwide.

Tianjin Rockcheck establishes the modern management mechanism and innovates continuously on the optimization of business organization and process, to cooperate mutually and improve the efficiency. It takes the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as a breakthrough point and comprehensively promotes the construction of integrating IT applications with industrialization. In 2009, it was listed as one of the 21 energy management center demonstration projects of iron and steel enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China and in doing so, made the enterprise energy management sector rise to a new level. Rockcheck persistently deepens the “three-system” reform and builds the distribution and incentive systems that adapt to the market economy. It also carries out the comprehensive budget management systems and establishes the systemic and scientific financial risk prevention and control systems. 

In 2004, Tianjin Rockcheck passed certifications of ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 environment management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety “Trinity” management system, and obtained the honorary title of energy conservation and emission reduction advanced unit in Tianjin City for multiple years. 

Over the years, Tianjin Rockcheck has invested nearly RMB 2 billion on energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and other aspects, and has built the domestic advanced burning blast furnace gas generator set and TRT project and wastewater treatment projects. This allowed the company to achieve the objective of recovery and zero emission of all waste gases, zero exploitation of underground water and zero discharge of wastewater in the metallurgy industry throughout the county, and has explored a successful road for recycling waste gas and wastewater and reducing pollution in the metallurgy industry. It invested RMB 0.25 billion to construct the largest wastewater treatment plant in Tianjin industrial and mineral industry, with the daily treatment capacity of 72,000 tons. This project not only passed the “environmental impact assessment”, but, also was listed as one of 20 major independent innovation projects in Tianjin City in that year, and has obtained the support of mayor special fund. At the beginning of 2010, it invested RMB 78 million to build the high-standard energy management center, which further improved the intensity of energy conservation and emission reduction and generated the direct economic benefit up to RMB 41 million every year.    

In 2012, Tianjin Rockcheck cooperated with Tangshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., and Tsinghua University and carried out the comprehensive and scientific planning on the green transformation development of Tianjin Rockcheck. This planning will take the “intelligent Rockcheck” as the concept and promote the energy conservation, green, environmental protection and the utmost in harmony through high integration of existing equipment, scientific allocation and reasonable optimization.  This will allow the achievement of the objective which is coexistence of enterprise and city.