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Tellus International Profile

Tellus International Investment Management Limited, registered in Beijing in 2013, is a subsidiary owned by Tianjin Rockcheck Group. Tianjin Rockcheck Group is a large-scale modernized enterprise group, based on steel and involved in many other fields like technological finance, culture and health care, resource exploitation and so on.  The group has more than 8000 employees, with total assets 13.8 billion. In 2014, it ranked 239th in the national top 500enterprises, 42nd in China’s top 500 private enterprises and the first in the top 100 private enterprises in Tianjin for many years.

At present, Culture and Health Care is the main strategic development direction of Rockcheck Group. As the practitioner of investing in this field, Tellus International is mainly engaged in investing and developing in thisforefront area of culture and health industries and has already built two brands: Times Memory Memorial Hall and XiangQingTang. 

In terms of cultural industry, Tellus International mainly focuses on product development and operation such as musicals, theater shows, movies and offline experience as its business orientation, committed to the comprehensive three-dimensional business development and operation of IP content, building IP content, product development and operation, the plate docking platform of the financial capital and the establishment of offline comprehensive development and operating system of IP resources.   

Tellus International has now built a team who has operated many top international theatre shows such as LIVE show called “Dragon Chaser”, and achieved good cooperative relationships with Broadway and DreamWorks and also established a Cultural Industry Group. In 2015, Tellus International has introduced the investment to internationally renowned musical projects and is also responsible for the operation of the project in China.