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Digital City Investment Development Co., Ltd

Digital City: Technological, Cultural and Healthy Real Estate Brand.

Digital City Investment Development Co., Ltd., is specialized in the development and construction of theme parks. The first project of Digital City Investment Development Co., Ltd., is the Tianyu Rongchang Creative Park, which became a dual review-welcoming project of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government of Tianjin and the district Party committee and district government of Jinnan District. This project was highly recognized by Zhang Gaoli (then municipal Party secretary), and Sun Chunlan (incumbent municipal Party secretary). Furthermore, it won the first prize for Safe and Civilized Model Construction Sites in Tianjin. Meanwhile, as a key project for mutual learning and observation in the Jinnan District, leaders from other districts and countries also unanimously recognized this project. As a beautiful name card indicating the transformation of the Group, a special honor was obtained by Rockcheck within three years to enjoy a great popularity among the people in the industry, thus, proving to society that Rockcheck is not only capable of smelting high-quality iron and steel but also able to obtain excellent success in the path of transformation and upgrading. As a result, “Spirit of Ronggang” and the brand-new enterprise image of the Group in the new era have been fully showcased. 

Currently, the company is vigorously promoting the development and construction work of the Rongting International Building. This project is a pilot project and also a window project in the health preservation plate of Rockcheck and we will try to create a brand-new health preservation and leisure & resort lifestyle as part of this project. It is the first high-end, health preservation model in China. After construction is completed, this project will lead to lead to a health trend in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and lay a foundation for the integrated and coordinated developments of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region in the field of health preservation.