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Tianjin Times Memory Memorial Museum

Tianjin Times Memory Memorial museum, a public welfare memorial hall project was built through the donation of RMB 30 million made by Tianjin Rockcheck Group with the support of Tianjin Jinnan District Government and people from all walks of life. Located at the exit of Gewan Highway, Tianjin Avenue, Gegu Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin, on the south bank of downstream of the Haihe River. It is 20km away from the downtown area of Tianjin in the east, 30km from the core area of Binhai New Area in the west, and over 30km away from Tianjin Binhai International Airport and it covers a building area of 5400m2. It is planned that the memorial hall will be put into operation on December 26, 2013, the 120th birthday of Chairman Mao, and will be open to the public for a long time. 

The Long March spirit is always the soul of the nation to stimulate the Chinese  to advance courageously, rise and rejuvenate sharply. The memorial hall will demonstrate precious photos and commemorative articles of Chairman Mao, interpret Chairman Mao’s spirit of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-independence and self-improvement, inherit red culture, and carry forward the Long March spirit. Through recalling that period, it aims to purify the mind of Party members and cadres, lead the groups with confused direction, stimulate those people with the sense of responsibility who are rushing about, and exert positive influence on adolescents of our motherland. In this way,  the memorial hall will become the base to carry forward positive energy in Tianjin and even throughout China. 

The memorial hall is subject to overall design and planning made by the famous CCTV director Liu Guanlin who directed the opening ceremony of the 11th National Games. It radically breaks through the mold of simple display and exhibition of traditional exhibition halls. Instead, fashionable ideas, artistic interactive means and advanced equipment are used to build a vivid and three-dimensional souvenir exhibition hall. Times Memory Memorial Hall is made up of one exhibition hall, two experience pavilions, one projection hall, one meeting room for revolutionary education and one souvenir shopping center. 

The biggest highlight of the exhibition hall is a spatio-temporal tunnel with imposing manner representing the Long March spirit. The spatio-temporal tunnel is an exhibition hall of 14m wide and 75m long built with high-tech image technology. The road underneath and high-definition LED giant screen on both sides record the great achievements made by Chairman Mao from 1921 to 1949. A bronze statue of Chairman Mao towers on the top of the spatio-temporal tunnel majestically. There are also 200 precious, typical and old pictures of Chairman Mao from the 1950s to the 1970s on the wall of the exhibition hall on both sides of the spatio-temporal tunnel. Various kinds of souvenirs of Chairman Mao are displayed in the display cabinet. These souvenirs originate from folk collectors nationwide who love Chairman Mao. At present, the treasure of the exhibition hall is the only duplicate around the world, the Painting of the Long March of Ten Thousand Miles that ever travelled around space carried by the Shenzhen Ⅵspacecraft. The original was collectively created by 18 Chinese contemporary famous calligraphers and painters through elaborate conception with Long March as the subject matter. The picture scroll is 32m long. Featuring to be magnificent momentum and profound connotation, it is renowned as the top flying picture in China. It was purchased by Rockcheck Group through auction with the sky-high price of RMB 55 million and donated to National Museum in 2006.

The No.1 experience pavilion restores the typical style of a family from the 1950s to the 1970s in the manner of film art;  The No.2 experience pavilion creates the image of Chairman Mao in different years in the manner of film art combined with the high-tech means allowing visitors to take a group photo as a memento and leave behind an unforgettable image. The projection hall plays documentaries of Chairman Mao and classic clips in feature films. From this, our hall makes a description about the commemoration of Chairman Mao in various ways through photos, pictures, statues, music, articles, videos etc., and brings magnificent enjoyment and detailed experiences to every visitor. 

The investment unit of the memorial hall, Rockcheck Group, is a large enterprise group, which takes iron and steel as the main business and involves multiple fields including science and technology, finance, culture, and health etc. It rank in the 224th place among top 500 national enterprises, and ranks in the first place among private-owned enterprises in Tianjin for a number of consecutive years. Under leadership of Chairman Zhang Xiangqing and President Zhang Ronghua, the Rockcheck Group actively plunges itself into the social public welfare business. For many years, the enterprise has invested a great number of financial resources and materials in the establishment of the Hope Primary School, building roads and bridges, supporting the cause of the disabled in China, subsiding impoverished college students, supporting sports cause etc. In 2008, after the Wenchuan Earthquake took place, the enterprise donated RMB 100 million to build “schools which won’t collapse in earthquakes for children in disaster-stricken areas. So far, Rockcheck Group has donated money and materials exceeding RMB 400 million in the social public welfare business. 

On December 26, 2013, the opening ceremony of the memorial hall will be held, the red culture special funds of Times Memory will be initiated simultaneously, and the the website and weixin platform of Times Memory will be online simultaneously. At that time, leaders of Tianjin Jinnan District government, the president of the donation unit of the memorial hall Tianjin Rockcheck Group Ms. Zhang Ronghua, collectors, multiple news media and people from all walks of life will attend the opening ceremony. After Times Memory Memorial Hall is opened, the construction of Times Memory Park and Times Memory Square will be started successively. It will provide a site to review and feel “Times Memory” in an all-round way for people in Tianjin and even throughout China.  

By the end of 2014, Times Memory Memorial Hall has received more than 40,000 tourists in total. It was granted the title of “the base of revolutionary traditional education for the care of the next generation” by Tianjin Working Committee for the Care of Children and Jinnan District Working Committee for the Care of Children.