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Social Responsibility

Rockcheck considers social responsibility an important mission in order to construct and maintain a harmonious society.  Over the years, the Rockcheck group has provided jobs to over 8000 employees including the re-hiring of 3000 laid-off workers, 700 college graduates and 120 handicapped individuals.  This has translated into economic prosperity and development in local areas as well as playing an important role in the Rockcheck group realizing its social responsibilities.  

The Rockcheck group has also helped individuals in the event of natural disasters, which are unmerciful in the country.  Everyone within the company follows the concept of the ‘five-heart spirit’, which consist of a responsible, grateful, motivated, tolerant and respectful heart’, in dealing with others. The act of dealing with others using ‘Great love’ is a cornerstone of the social responsibility with the Rockcheck group.

To date, the Rockcheck group’s contributions to helping those less fortunate has earned the company the following accolades:

The ‘Red Cross Cup’ – Top honor of the Red Cross Society

Model Employer of Tianjin

Outstanding Chinese contributor for social causes  

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