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Employee Life

The Rockcheck group believe in a corporate culture defined simply as an atmosphere defined as ‘The Rockcheck Family.’  Each employee follows the ‘five hearts standard’ of living and carries forward this enterprise spirit each and every day.  Each employee also follows in the spirit of ‘improving constantly, never giving up and they actively participate in the transformation and the upgrading of all of the divisions under the control of the Rockcheck group.

Each year, the Rockcheck enables employees to participate in cultural activities such as:

New Year’s Gala

Employee conferences

Birthday celebrations

Sporting events

Group wedding/birthday celebrations

Employee awards ceremonies

Talent shows and skill competitions etc.,

The Rockcheck group has also invested in apartments for employees so that they may have their own homes.  

This corporate culture of giving improves the quality of life for each and every employee and increases their job satisfaction as well as their happiness.

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